The first crypto Cafe in North America powered by Data Farm based the the center of Montreal and one of the first around the world who has 2 way bitcoin ATM.

Grand Opening on 10 of August 2018!

We offer hosting, service and support for crypto currency mining rigs. Lowest power rates powered by hydro plants. We also sell pre-built and custom configured rigs.
Choose from 1 GPU starting from 599 tax in or standard 8 GPU rigs or ask for a custom rig build of up to 12 GPUs! Prices and availability changes on a daily bases. All Hosted solutions are a system of 8 GPU per rig by default.

GPU rigs built by Data Farm

Fully customizable Rigs from parts to software

8x AMD RX570 4G
8xRX580 8gb

220 MH/s to 240 MH/s on the ethereum blockchain
Can be used on a free 15A 120v circuit

6x NVIDIA 1070 8G

2750H/s ZCash hashrate

Can be used on a free 15A 120v circuit, draws on average 850w.

Custom System

AMD and Nvidia Rigs are available up to 12 GPUs

RX570/580, 1060, 1070, 1070ti, 1080 and 1080ti available. Contact us for detailed pricing.

Proudly powered By Datafarm